The Inn

Clean, healthy and wholesome, and yet there are people with warped lives and addled brains, who would decry the mellow drink which has helped to put Britain on the map. Viciousness would have to fight hard for a footing in such pleasant surroundings, and if these cheery, honest fellows, who ply the trade of their forefathers, are agents of the "Old Gentleman" then the Geographical side of my theology is badly at fault.

"Now to the inn, perhaps there is just a touch of disappointment at the replacement of horses by motor vans, spick and span as they are. What fine animals they were, those sturdy old horses of the brewer's drays, but still, one cannot afford to be too sentimental these days. So by the sweet lanes of Surrey to the village inn, and in cool cellars the barrels will await "The Call to Tankards".

"Better pens than mine have extolled the beauty of the inn, the sanded floors and well scrubbed furniture, the cooling row of pewter tankards, the clean white cloth of the dining table, the cheery gossip and good fellowship gathered beneath the swinging sign of hospitality.

Raise your tankards - Gentlemen, the beer has arrived and its journey ended - a beautiful trip."

Excerpt from the History of Brewing in Reigate and Redhill

There is nothing which has yet been contrived by man, by which so much happiness is produced as by a good tavern or inn.
Boswell:Life of Samuel Johnston
As soon as I enter the door of a tavern I experience an oblivion of care, and a freedom from solicitude
Samuel Johnston