Pilgrim Brewery

Designed by and built by Welch Brothers of east London in 1981 the brewhouse is a larger version of the pub-brewery equipment supplied to the Firkin chain. It has however been improved and augmented since then. It's major advantage is simplicity and flexibility but the downside to that is that it is very labour intensive but it keeps us fit! Modern equipment is easier to use (some is even computerised allowing a reasonable beer to be produced with no skill at all!) but with that often comes inflexibility. As we have proved we can brew top quality beers from English bitters through mild, stout and porter to wheatbeers: as long as it is warm fermented we can do it!


We whenever possible invest to improve the brewhouse and we have installed a cask washing machine and air-conditioning in the fermenting room to provide a steady ambient temperature: this enables us to control fermentation temperatures more accurately


It takes between 7 and 8 hours to produce the base hopped wort which is passed to the fermenting room where the yeast is pitched at the end of the brewing day. The fermenting room is temperature controlled to run at an even 16.C throughout the year. The yeast takes three days to ferment the wort into "green" beer. Two days cooling and the new beer is ready to be casked. We then add finings and leave the beer to mature or cask condition as it is often called for 2-3 weeks. Then to the pub and after the finings have cleared the beer it is ready to be poured gently and drunk pleasurably!


hmmmmmmmmmm Beer!

Homer Simpson


Brewery nowadays



Entrance to the brewery in the 19th century