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Beers on the Brew!

I have suddenly realised this bit of the website is invariably out of date. Apologies but it might just be right...check our beer list.

Now brewing or casking all the 2013-4 winter ales including Gold Spice. Saracen Stout, Talisman and the Xmas Saturn Alia...

Where can you find Pilgrim beer?

Pubs that you could find our beer in our home town include, now sadly only occasionally as "a deal" has been done with a big brewery the Garibaldi in Mill Street..the back road to Redhill..and the Red Cross just opposite the brewery and the Blue Anchor just down the road from us. Many of the Wetherspoon pubs across south London serve a variety of the beers we brew. We also are pleased to offer our beers to local private clubs across Surrey and Sussex. 

The licensee of the Black Horse in Reigate , John, persuaded his landlords, Punch to stock our beers...thank you to him...having tried out several of our beers his customers have chosen Progress to run with off you go and grab a pint there! Please mention you heard about them from our all helps!

I am pleased to report that it is now the best selling beer there.......customers with good taste!

Beer Ice-Cream?

Well not quite yet but definitely for next year!

As with all brewers we have waste grains to dispose. In the early days of the brewery these were in great demand but as milk quotas arrived and the number of dairy herds slowly disappeared it became more difficult to find somewhere to place them.

Fortunately just down the road fom Reigate is St Joan's Dairy Farm where not only do they have moos but they make jolly nice ice-cream, as well! The great thing about brewers' grains is that they increase the fat content of milk...not what the health police want but it does make better ice-cream....yum. At St Joan's they can monitor each moos production and select the very best milk for each batch of smooooooooth creamy cold stuff.

And beer ice-cream..well a small problem as the alcohol makes it difficult to freeze and ironically the best beers to use are Winter beers and most ice-cream is so in the Summer of course but we're working on it....before then maybe just listen to some Moosic!