Beer is Healthy

Beer does not make you fat – scientists prove it!!!

Beer does not make you to gain excessive weight, a “beer” belly is a myth, British scientists claimed at publishing the results of combined research.

A group of British and Czech researchers carried out an experiment which embraced more than 2,000 Czech beer lovers (according to the statistics, the Czech Republic has the highest annual beer consumption per capita). No connection between the quantity of beer consumed and the volumes of the participants’ waists was established, it is reported. The scientists came to the conclusion that the cause-effect relation between beer and obesity is fundamentally wrong.

The participants were randomly selected men and women 25 to 64 years old who were either absolute teetotallers or drank only beer. The research showed that Czech men consume on the average 3.1 litres of beer per week, whereas women stopped at moderate 0.3 litres per week. Though, there was discovered a number of alcohol abusers among the participants: about 3% of the men drank more than 14 litres of beer weekly, and 5 women owned up they could drink up to 7 litres during the same period.

After questioning, the participants passed a medical examination: their weight, waist and hips measurements were established, as well as their body-mass index was calculated. All these indicators are necessary to establish the degree of obesity.

Having processed the results, the researchers stated that they found no connection between the amount of beer usually consumed by the participants and obesity, as well as noted that the development of a “beer belly” is not a result of drinking the foamy beverage.

“There is a philistine opinion that beer-lovers are always more corpulent that those who do not drink at all or prefer wine or other strong liquors. This misconception is reflected in the expression ‘beer belly’,” the scientists maintain.

In another study published earlier this year, Italian researchers claim that the inclination to developing the so-called “beer belly” is genetically determined.

However, do not hurry to drink as much as possible after reading this article. Large quantities stupefy your sense of taste and the possibility to enjoy fully your favourite beer vanishes. And remember, dieticians warn that any product consumed in excessive amounts can lead to becoming overweight.

As we have always thought...its the curry after the beer that does the does however stimulate the the moral is.......Drink Beer..Don't Eat!