We work on the 1973 Schumacher principle: Small is beautiful! As a result we have a small but tightly knit team and nobody is over 5ft 9ins...but seriously we do try to espouse the principles of that seminal work.


Started the brewery in 1982, a deeply unfashionable thing to do at the time. He remains, after more than 30 years of brewing the titular head of the business and remains deeply unfashionable. Fortunately his revolutionary views become mainstream after about 10-20 years. He is then heard to mutter "I told you so".....endlessly!


Long-suffering wife of Dave she joined the business when Pilgrim took on the Rising Sun in 1999. She moved over to Sales and Administration in the brewery in 2006. Having the patience of Job, Ruth probably rues the day she was persuaded to turn her back on a successful career in teaching; where she had developed a complete exam and monitoring system from GCSE to Degree level in the field of British Sign Language. As a result of that experience she has developed selective deafness when Dave is around. Probably the world's most jolly person. Her jolliness remains despite suffering a stroke in February which left her paralysed on her left side and as a result has had to take a temporary back seat in admin. 

Sean Hines

Sean has joined as an apprentice brewer. Despite Mastering in Advanced Organic Reactions he decided that the whole of organic chemistry was simply too formulaic so is looking for something more creative. Being a home brewer and ex-Secretary to Southampton University Real Ale Society we are hoping he'll bring a bit of organisation the the business. Being a Cornet player in Brass bands we hope he'll blow our praises!

Laura Lent

As a self-employed gardener and a Secretary in British Aerospace in a former life Laura has all the skills needed to weed out our bad administrative habits. Wife of a Secretary to a local cricket club which takes our beer she knows the brewery well....her favourite beer is Progress....yet has still has joined us! When young she was a Pilot Officer in the RAF...Dave is hoping she still has the uniform.....

Super Steve

A man of many talents including those to deliver beer just don't mention the bus lane in Kingston!