We are a small family business based in Reigate driven solely by the desire to brew the best beers possible. We do not have any outside investors or shareholders so can devote all our efforts to using the best and most applicable materials to create beers that we hope you consider to be excellent.

We use only whole hops and a blend of heritage malts, notably Maris Otter and modern malts to bring consistency. We mill these freshly each time we brew checking the malt each time. In this way we can ensure the quality of the materials we use. We batch brew and each beer we create has a unique recipe.

Craft Brewing

I am often asked if I am a craft brewer and have had difficulty in answering that question. Now, after a lot of thought, I have realised that whilst the word "craft" is usually related to things made with the hands, be them woven or carved for instance, the reality is that without much thought and imagination making things with one's hands is not the whole story. I know many people who make beer and call themselves brewers as I know many people who make food but who would never think of themselves as chefs. I also know a very small number of people who genuinely think about and hold in thier mind's eye the beer they want to produce. They do not just follow a recipe but effectively create one.

As a result I believe that I can say that not only am I a brewer but genuinely say I am a craft brewer.

The Start


Way back we had originally planned to brew on January 6th, 1982: Epiphany-  a time of insight. What we learned that day was brewing is not as easy as we had first supposed...our first insight!
But we sorted the equipment problems and filled our mashtun for the first time, two days later, on January 8th.
30 plus years on we are still mashing in and still learning!  

Many years after learning the art of brewing consistently we strive to improve all our beers from our long-term experience, by the introduction of new materials and improving the processes which are at the heart of our beers: using great ingredients is not enough!

We hope you find time to wander at your leisure through the site and find something which amuses, interests, intrigues, or even excites you. Importantly we hope you find a pint of Pilgrim somewhere on your travels: one which you truly enjoy.