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             Beer---Our Passion---Your Pleasure
                              Our Profession---Your Vocation
                                Our Journey---Your Destination


Thanks very much from dropping in on the Pilgrim website

 Brewing since 1982 we at  Pilgrim aim, not just to brew beer and give good service, but to brew great beer that customers will really enjoy: delicious beer in fact! We believe that by constantly striving to improve our beers both customers and licensees will benefit.

The application of the knowledge and experience we have gained in over
3 decades of brewing benefits all.

As always our driving philosophy, which remains at the forefront of our thinking, is to never compromise quality whilst actively taking on board ideas which will improve our beers. The varying nature of the materials used in production lead us to remain "semper vigila" but we take advantage of these changes to improve each beer.

Please check out our "Noticeboard" for our latest news.

If you find a pub with our beer you can be sure that the licensee really cares for his customers and is not just buying the cheapest off his beer list. We'll drink to that!

So in these difficult economic times let's support those who support us...especially hard pressed local pubs....visit them and raise a glass of Pilgrim to the hard working licensees and their staff. Cheers!

"You can always trust a Pilgrim"

Artisan Brewers and importers of Bavarian Beer
West Street Reigate Surrey RH2 9BL
Beerphone 01737 222651


 Three C's payment

Pay for your beer on collection using Card, Cash or Cheque

Founder member, Honorary member and former Chairman 
Society of Independent Brewers

Pilgrim does Cricket

Pleased to say that we have a beer tent at the next  Reigate Priory 20/20 cricket match. RP are playing the wolrd famous Lashings Club....who will be taking the field for them? Unbeaten for two decades will this be THE match? 


Why not bring a pick-nic, the family or just a couple of friends.
What could be better...beer "unter der linden" whilst watching the noble game?

As End Blyton should have said
"There will be Lashings of Beer!"

12-8pm Friday 25th July
Herewith some of the chaps on tour with the Lashings this season

 Phil DeFreitas, Devon Malcolm, John Emburey, Saqlain Mushtaq, Mohammed Yousaf, Dirk Nannes, Wasim Jaffer, Corey Collymore, Gordon Greenidge, Darren Maddy, Owais Shah, Ian Butler, Martin Bicknell, Alex Tudor, Iain O'Brien, Chris Schofield & Ed Giddins Courtney Walsh, Matthew Hoggard, Inzamam Ul-Haq Graeme Swann 

As with all Lashing matches the actual line-up will be announced...ahem....later!


"Let us be grateful to people who make us happy,
they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom."
Marcel Proust

Surely he meant brewers?



A couple of pints of Weald...makes ya thirsty!

Much excitement when the new season Styrian Goldings arrived....beautiful hops...very aromatic but hardly any bitterness...weird! Why? ...42c in Slovenia in the weeks before harvest..result? Hops stopped growing and ripened too fast....the strange world of brewing...but fascinating.

We  have entered the 21st century and are tittering...follow us!



 You are welcomed to the new brewery collection counter. Handmade, naturally, from local oak by our marvellous carpenter, Colin who can make just about anything out of wood.

We are also really pleased to have had local artist Simon Canacott  "paint" some of our beers. You can check out the original oils in our collection area and choose, if you wish, a unique garment to have one of these printed on.
Check out Simon's remarkable work at



Thought of the moment
“The superior excellence of malt-liquor above wine, in point of wholesomeness, and the consideration of its being a product of our own kingdom are reasons why everyman who wishes well to his fellow creatures and country should promote to the best of his power the estimation and consumption of it.”
George Watkins “The Compleat Brewer 1760”